Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I buy a full access festival ticket to get me into all venues?

During the daytime we do have an "anywhere" ticket, but at night we are ticketing the high demand triple-bill gigs individually.

There are two reasons for this.

Each venue has a specific capacity for licensing and fire safety that cannot be exceeded by law, so, we would either have to deny people entry to potentially full venues that their tickets said they were entitled to enter, or else we would only be able to sell a maximum number of tickets overall that corresponded to the smallest venue. For example, as the Hippodrome capacity is 500 and the Muni is 750, rather than being able to sell 1250 tickets so both venues were full, we would only be able to sell a maximum of 500, just in case everyone wanted to see the band that was playing at the Hippodrome.

So much about life in 2017 is all about making things as customisable as possible. Whether this is booking individual elements of a holiday online such as flights, accommodation and car hire, or whether it's how you get your festival tickets. This is exactly what we are trying to do for you here by enabling you to buy the tickets that suit your taste and availability as closely as possible.
If you want to go to the triple-header headline gigs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, plus catch the main stage bands on Saturday and Sunday daytimes, you can certainly do that. If you want to watch Ian Siegal on Friday night, go shopping at the Trafford Centre during the day on Saturday, catch Aynsley Lister on Saturday night, hang out watching a number of different bands during the day on Sunday before going over to your Nan's for tea on Sunday night, now you can. If you only want to see the Janiva Magness / Jo Harman / Kaz Hawking gig, now you can without having to buy either a full festival ticket, a full ticket for that day or any other tickets.

Why isn't the festival running on Monday?

Historically, the ticket sales for Bank Holiday Monday have been much lower that for any of the other days making it very unlikely for the festival to break even.
Many people find three full days and four nights of partying hard to do, particularly if they have to return to work on Tuesday. 
As all of the festival's overheads remain the same on Monday, the decision was made in the interest of financial sustainability to remove the day from the schedule rather than subsidise it from Council (i.e. ratepayer) funds.

When are the Roadhouse gigs being announced?

We will announce the list later in February. We have information about 40 of the gigs in pubs and clubs worked out already but there are another 20 or so to arrange. It may also be that one or two venues will also be announced too, further increasing the number of gigs. 

Why aren't any of the bands we are used to - from the 70s and 80s - playing?

We want to use our position as the leading Blues festival in the UK to actively help keep this type of music current, vibrant and relevant. We think the best way to do this is to focus all of our energy into promoting only bands that are currently writing, recording and touring, as part of our effort to bring in new blood, both as audiences and as performers.

More FAQs coming soon...