Husky Tones

Exciting contemporary punk-blues...

Husky Tones’ punk blues style favours the common rawness, simplicity and emotion shared between the punk and blues genres.
Live, it is delivered by the unique set up of a female drummer singer Victoria Bourne and guitarist Chris Harper. Their approach to punk blues mirrors what they love as audience members: inventive, individual and fully aware of tradition without being a slave to it. African and punk drumming patterns as a basis, fuzz boxes, guitar through guitar and bass amp this is how the Husky Tones create their ‘full sound’.

"Husky Tones are keen on breaking into new ground completely. There are loose rules to Blues of course, but this band have just torn up the rule-book. It has a primal earthiness about it, redolent of both early Blues and Punk Rock – unusual bed-mates that strangely have united thanks to Victoria and Chris.There are some uncompromisingly good heavy guitar riffs present in many of the tracks, and some haunting and unique vocals. Lyrics are very good throughout, dealing with various topical historical, social, and political themes. This is refreshing subject matter for a Blues band to handle" Phil The Music Quill

"This is the raw, urban blues with attitude - their unique interpretation of contemporary blues as they ask Who Will I Turn To Now?" Bluesdoodles

"It is a complex structure of highly intelligent music, delivered with class and musical dexterity. These guys are both strikingly visual and eminently capable musicians and I will be back for more".

"Husky Tones went down an absolute storm" Live reviews from Great British Rock and Blues Festival 2017