Ian Siegal

Songs that are real, shows that resonate, vocals served raw...

In 2016 Ian Siegal marked 25 years of professional touring. Over that quarter of a century his mission statement has barely changed: songs that are real, shows that resonate, vocals served raw. Today he is arguably the most successful British Blues artiste since the great names that emerged from the sixties.

Classic Rock has tagged him “a national treasure,” America’s blues bible says “vast talent” and MOJO magazine ranks him “the cleverest writer and most magnetic blues performer in the UK.”

If you had told the 20-year-old Siegal, on the night of his first professional band gig in 1991, of the acclaim to come, he’d have dryly laughed it off. With the blues genre then in desperate straits, it was unthinkable that he would one day take this music overground in 45 countries, or preside over a trophy haul that includes nine British Blues Awards, three European Blues Awards, two Mojo Blues Albums Of The Year, not to mention three US Blues Music Awards nominations; which is an unprecedented nod for a non-American.

And yet, for all the dizzying achievements in the rear-view mirror, the most important part of any Siegal chronology is always the blank canvas that lies ahead. For Siegal, it’s all about the next show, the next song and the next great record.