The Lachy Doley Group

"The Jimi Hendrix of the Hammond Organ..."

Dubbed the Jimi Hendrix of the Hammond Organ. Lachy is a player who can pump, pamper and occasionally pound the most intense, ferocious and sometimes transcendent sounds from his ’57 Hammond C3 and 70’s Whammy Clavinet. Add his powerful blues vocals screaming straight from his heart and you've a mesmerising, unforgettable show; not to be missed.

The Lachy Doley Group are a unique sound in the classic and sometimes very traditional genre of the blues. A power trio consisting of bass, drums and of course Doley firing on the Hammond, his vocal screaming from the heart and the incredibly rare Hohner D6 Whammy Clavinet in which most people double take on when they realise that sound isn’t an electric guitar but a 70 stringed keyboard with a huge Whammy Bar sticking out the guts of it.

“Lachy Doley is the greatest living keyboard player in the world today” - Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE)
“Make’s u feel so good the way he’s plays that Clavinet” - Bootsy Collins