T J & The Suitcase

Vocal / Harmonica / Suitcase drum / Home made tambourine beater pedal... Its time to get packed!!!

TJ Norton is a professional harmonica player, singer and songwriter from the UK, now living in Los Angeles.

Most recently TJ had one of his original songs used in the soundtrack of the multi-award winning critically acclaimed documentary 'As The Crow Flies'; The winner of ‘Gold Medal for International Documentary’ at the 2015 World Film Awards, by adventure filmmaker Ian Burton.

Additionally, TJ has released two music video’s in support of his EP release “Never Giving Up”.

TJ first became addicted to the blues at 18 years old, after finding a cassette tape of Lightnin’ Hopkins at his overnight cleaning job in a restaurant. He learned to play harmonica through one of the deepest and most critical traditions of old blues players... by ear; sitting with the more experienced blues musicians, studying and listening to recordings, absorbing every note and nuance of this great art form.

TJ left home at age sixteen, moving to London, and two years later was living in the USA. Having been schooled by the streets.

Now more than thirty years later, he has many a tale to tell with his music.

TJ Norton plays music as a man possessed. Gifted with the ability to switch from a beautiful gentle phrase, to full bore fat tone highly energetic musical attacks, in an instant. He doesn't just play music, he lives and literally breathes his craft...

“A brilliant blues harmonica player” Maryport Blues Festival