Psychedelic groove-juggernaut...

There must be some kind of cosmic alignment at work to bring two of Britain’s most accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist/frontmen together to form Walrus, the psychedelic groove-juggernaut that will shortly descend on an unsuspecting public like Kubrick’s black monolith: scary, exciting and heralding a whole new future for those who ‘get’ it…

Having cut his teeth as hired gun guitar with Pete Molinari and Alexander Wolfe, Rosco Levee has been blazing across the scene like a California wildfire since his first album with the Southern Slide, Final Approach To Home (earning himself a British Blues Award songwriting nomination for the track ‘Goldrush' and things only got hotter with the follow up Get It While You Can which was rated 9/10 by Classic Rock magazine.

Mike Ross’s smouldering career ignited with the release last year of Jenny’s Place which brought him critical acclaim, as well as support and guest slots with the likes of Lucky Peterson, Ben Poole and T-Belly, and Mike continues to work on occasion with Black Crowes founder member Rich Robinson.

Both respected artists in their own right, their musical paths rarely crossed until late last year when, necessity being the mother of invention, Rosco enlisted Mike to help him fulfil some existing gig obligations. The pair gelled instantly over a shared record collection and a shared passion for old-school sounds and old school approaches to writing recording and performing. The synergy was so complete that after their one and only rehearsal Rosco, Mike and a scratch band took the famed New Crawdaddy Club by storm, with a show that Blues In Britain magazine’s Live Editor named his 'highlight of 2016', and led independent music bloggers Plunger to proclaim Walrus as THE band to watch in 2017.

With two writers passionate about the song as a song, not a vehicle for a solo; two grittily powerful vocalists who evoke Marriott and Robinson; and two killer guitarists who can say more in three-note phrase than ten minutes of Strat-strangling does, the savage unstoppable two-prong attack of Walrus is poised to lay waste to an increasingly moribund scene. With influences ranging far and wide from Rock’n’Roll to Funk, Motown to 60s Psychedelia, Southern Rock to Blues and beyond, all is fair game for Walrus: there’ll be no holds barred in their one-band mission to give what’s left of Rock’n’Roll in Britain a future.

“My God, it’s full of stars…”