Walklate & Fuschi

Raw and electric blues duo...

Mat Walklate - Harmonica & Vocals and Paolo Fuschi - Guitar & Vocals. Mat and Paolo play a diverse, dynamic live set illustrating all shades of Blues and allowing each other’s instrumental, vocal and improvisational qualities to shine. Each performance is rock-solid, yet full of inspiration and spontaneity.
Mat and Paolo use old tube amplifiers, creating a rich tone that roots their sound in the very early days of amplified Blues. The result is a magical performance that stands out for its intensity and energy. Although there are two people on stage, they sound like a 10 piece Blues band.
Living in Manchester and strongly influenced by its Afro-Caribbean community, Mat and Paolo also pay homage to Ska, blending its uplifting rhythms with the spirit and sentiment of the Blues.

“..raw, uncompromising blues performed with a welcome freedom of expression and real passion.” “..gutsy vocals and earthy harp..” 
R2 ( Rock ‘n’ Reel)