Gwyn Ashton

Solo, hardcore, 21st Century, alternative blues...

UK-based Australian guitarist Gwyn Ashton re-defines the term ‘solo artist’ by delivering a high-energy blues-rock show,

wrenching dirty slide guitar licks out of a pre-war National steel and other old guitars through an array of vintage fuzz boxes,

organ pedals and ampliers. Blowing harp and singing into a distorted bullet harp mic, he thumb-picks thick heavy-duty

Zeppelin-like bass riffs through octave dividers and loops percussive sounds on the guitar with pick scrapes and a drumstick to

emulate snare drum passages, while he stomps the hell out of a kick drum.

Ashton’s full-on, hardcore contemporary electric blues show is interlaced with semi-acoustic lap slide and 12-string guitars where he

blends in dance rhythms, beats and grooves. He’s been doing this all over the world - from the UK to Ireland, Australia, Russia, Brazil

and all across Europe, giving 100% relentless energy and drive at each show, dragging the blues into the 21st century.