Kaz Hawkins

Fun, heartfelt, soulful rock 'n' roll-blues...

Northern Ireland's Kaz Hawkins is an artist very much on the rise.

Kaz has more than paid her dues artistically and emotionally over a number of years, before branching out fully as an originals artist. With her recent 'Feeling Good' album release, it's great to see Kaz really emerge as not only one of the most noted blues/soul vocalists around but also a particularly gifted singer-songewriter which is being increasingly recognised by press and public alike. Kaz and her band put on a no-holds barred roller coaster of a show and is now firmly established as a must-see touring act.
Kaz's new album 'Feelin Good' is not just a collection of songs; it's a progression of Kaz's work, a representation of how far she has come as an artist.

Here's a note from Kaz on her new single - “A brand new song from our new album Feelin’ Good. Soul Superstar… the song to my childhood self. That little girl who felt so much pain and anguish. That little girl I thought was weak until I finally realised she was the strong one who guided me to this point in my life. No more pain, no more horrors, no more being alone in depression. This is for all of you out there who feel you might not get through the day with the darkness that surrounds you… Enjoy my most personal song yet”.