The Revelator Band

Unpredictable, fun festival-style blues!

Borne of a musical partnership and stormy friendship of nearly 20 years' standing, The Revelator Band is a lifelong passion project. A desire to take the filter off the blues; to project the same hungry, primal energy that populates those original Chicago recordings and infuse it with contemporary sensibilities. The same young men who stepped gingerly on stage for the first time as the 20th century died could never have predicted the personal and musical adventures that would follow, but they would be proud that the howling primacy of the blues is preserved.

Creativity and originality is at the heart of the Band's music, whilst remembering at all times that audiences want to boogie, dance and laugh.

You may be surprised at the places that The Revelator Band find the blues, as likely to be on the yellow brick road and the high seas as they are on in the lonesome highway, but the harp and slide guitar are always there, alongside the dustbin and the gaffer tape and whatever else comes to hand. There's no other live act as live; it's never the same twice. Some of the band's best songs are improvised with frantic gusto during a performance. The blues is a feeling - let's see what we can do with it.

‘A mesmerising tour-de-force of original music and unmissable, energetic stage performance. The Revelator Band have forged the Blues of the future – screaming, stomping, howling, voodoo of the highest order…. a blues revelation indeed.’ – Yorkshire Post