CONFIRMED - The Acoustic Stage line-up

Thursday, 30th July 2015

We can now officially confirm the line-up for this year's Acoustic Stage

We're delighted to announce that Blues Festival favourite, Kyla Brox completes the line-up with her 3.15pm slot on Saturday 29th.

Kyla comes from a family which is rich in musical talent and is the daughter of blues legend, Victor Brox. Famed for her powerful vocals, Kyla heads up the Kyla Brox Band who have enjoyed success on all over the world. Kyla will also be performing later that evening with her father on the Matthew Clark British Stage.

Year on year, the Acoustic Stage proves to be one of our most popular venues. Famed for live, unedited and unaltered music in it's purest form, the Stage serves blues fans with an intimate setting to enjoy the best in live music.

Never short of talent, always over-subscribed, we advise all blues lovers to get there early to ensure their place in such an intimate and famous setting.

Be a part of the legacy, get your tickets here.