Ones to watch - Nine Below Zero

Sunday, 19th July 2015

With Europe’s Best Blues Festival just over one month away, we've got a real treat for Blues fans with this week’s ‘ones to watch’.

Formed in 1977 as ‘Stan’s Blues Band’, Nine Below Zero have amassed a cult following which comes with the territory of international tours, 21 albums and 38 years of being one of Britain’s leading Blues bands.

Having already toured in Bosnia, France and Norway, the internationally-renowned Nine Below Zero will stop off at Europe’s Blues Festival before jetting off to France once again with dates in Iceland too!

Having supported The Stranglers last year, as well as links to The Rolling Stones, The Strypes and many more, Nine Below Zero will bring true musical pedigree with them to the home of blues music.

Nine Below Zero will kick off the final day of the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival on Monday 31st August.

Be a part of the legacy, get your tickets here.