With many thanks to our 
Artist In Residence, Pete Marsh.
Here are a selection of his completed paintings and lino cuts from the 2017, 2018 & 2019 festivals.
Pete will be exhibiting his 2019 paintings at his pop-up gallery at the 2020 festival. View them at the rear of
The Muni on Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August.


Says Pete:
“My motivation is always live music performance as it is the atmosphere which interests me… so I only paint gigs I’ve attended.

Wherever possible I prefer to draw from life, but as it is usually too dark during gigs I try to access the sound-check. Here I sketch extremely quickly in order to capture subtle nuances that characterize my subjects. During the concert I often take around a hundred photographs as I constantly look for poses, lighting, composition, colours and features that I may want to include in my painting. Once back in my studio I use an image manipulation program (similar to Photoshop) to arrange the band members.

My final painting will usually be constructed from a montage of different photographs from the same gig, visual memories along with the influence of my sound-check sketches.
Even though the composition is worked out beforehand, changes often occur during painting. The music inspired paintings are similar to my landscape paintings in that, rather than capturing a moment in time they are much more a collection of moments over a period of time.

Following my Painting and Printmaking degree at Sheffield I worked at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and then as stage crew at two Manchester live music venues, The International 1 and The Apollo. These days I am combining music and art in the form of painting and printmaking.

Working as Artist-in-Residence at The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival excites me because the line-up is impressive and varied and not only gives me opportunities to produce more work of familiar faces but fresh work of musicians I have yet to commit to canvas”.

Find out more about Pete and his work here:


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