Award winning Layla Zoe (one of the incredible headliners for our next festival) releases her new album ‘Nowhere Left To Go’.

Layla’s ability to cover classic blues/rock standards has dazzled fans and critics and she’s also established herself as a remarkably able songwriter, a skill that came effortlessly for the young Layla in the form of poetry.

Turning her poems into songs was an early preoccupation for her… and one she never fully abandoned. The sensitivity needed to understand the ingredients of a great song is truly evident in her new album.

Layla says, “For me the Blues is about expressing pain, but with a feeling of hope at the end. Blues music is bringing out emotions. It is very rough and honest. The best Blues brings out feelings that people need to get in touch with.”

Album release date: January 8, 2021.

See Layla’s website for more details, to join her mailing list and to find ways to order:
Layla Zoe


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