Mini Muni  |  Friday  |  9:00pm

At the centre of The Welsh T Band is out-and-out front man Terry John and ace guitar strangler Kevin Ackroyd. Bassist David Hoyle and powerhouse drummer Dan Burnett complete the line-up.
This is a band that is supremely at home in their natural habitat: on stage, with an audience to entertain.

In the spirit of supporting all bands who play #ColneBlues, we launched a voting system at the 2019 festival, to help ‘lift’ a band onto one of the main stages at the 2020 festival. The act with the most votes, by an overwhelming majority, were The Welsh T Band.

”As authentic a blues sound as you’ll find this side of a Mississippi road house”


The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival

The Town Hall, Albert Road, ​Colne, BB8 0AQ​


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