The Lonnie Donegan Story

Sunday, 25th August 2024

Exchange Project Stage | 14:00 – 16:30

The exceptionally talented Warren James sings The Lonnie Donegan Story, which celebrates the founding father of British rock, blues and pop music – for without Lonnie Donegan and the Skiffle Craze then their would be no Beatles, no Rolling Stones, no Van Morrison, no Eric Clapton, no Folk Revival, no Blues Revival, no 60s Beat Boom for everyone of those artists started musical life in a Skiffle Group – prior to skiffle kids did not make their own music and black American music was completely unheard of.

This would promise to be the quirky and slightly different feature in your programme as ALL ROADS LEAD TO LONNIE!

“Keep an eye out for Warren James, you won’t be disappointed” – BBC Radio 2