Connolly Hayes are a ‘new’ band, already creating high expectations and excitement within, and beyond, the blues/rock/soul community, largely on the reputations of the principal members.

Young Jess Hayes is a blues-fuelled, soulful singer/songwriter with a powerhouse of a voice. She emerged onto the South London scene as a teenager having been raised on the classic sounds of Stevie Nicks, Bad Company, Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat etc by her musician parents, tagging along to their gigs every weekend and catching ‘the bug’.

Jess quickly gained a reputation amongst the blues and soul cognoscenti, as well as being the ‘go to’ singer of choice for (ex Mud member and noted songwriter, not least for Kylie’s mega hit ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’), Rob Davis, with whom she has enjoyed a number of multi-million streaming ‘hits’.

She recently enjoyed some prime-time exposure on ITV’s ‘The Voice’, turning all four chairs. More importantly though, Jess has found her own ‘voice’ as a songwriter with this new project, with her friend Frankie Connolly who himself has gained a stellar reputation as both a great singer and astonishing guitar player, who has wowed crowds wherever he has played, including Ronnie Scotts and a number of festivals, internationally.

Connolly Hayes aren’t just a duo though, they are a fully-fledged band with Richard Clarke, another noted vocalist/guitarist alongside Beau Barnard on bass and Andy Wilder on drums. The ensemble have recently recorded their debut album set for 2024 release. Hold tight, it should be quite a ride!